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Episode 10: Searching for a Drop of Clarity in a Bucket of Relflection

Justin and Dylan take a moment to reflect on the past nine episodes, talk about the origin of the name ‘Serving Ice,’ then discuss Dylan’s plan to go undercover in a colony of despicable white supremacists. Everything comes unglued when Justin jumps on the Merry Go ‘Round of Progress to talk about our guest appearances on two great podcasts: the Popular Outcasts and Let’s Get Twiharded.

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We will be on Popular Outcast the next three weeks and Let’s Get Twiharded tomorrow.

Thanks to Ryan, Dougie Phresh, Cameron G, Girls on Girls, Me and My Depression, Tabitha, and Emily

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Know your enemy

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Episode 9: Calendier Eternal

In this week’s episode, Bill joins the Serving Ice guys to discuss Dylan’s genius idea on how to revolutionize the modern day calender, Justin’s fear of raising an adopted child with Dylan, and what to do if they find each other dead from auto-erotic asphyxiation. Everybody’s got to have a plan, right?

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Episode 8: Pride, Prayer, and Privilege

Bill joins the Serving Ice guys to discuss a project Dylan wants to work on, homeless people, prayer in schools, The Pledge of Allegiance, pride in country vs disappointment in government, and the privilege of being born (a straight, white, male) in America. Feel free to disagree with their opinions- that freedom is what makes this country great!

Justtubed’s Rick Perry video

Sage Francis visits South Africa links here and here


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Episode 7: American Pridejudice

Has post-Disney depression got you down? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to one day just wake up with flippers? Curious about whatever happened to racist Paula Deen and that offensive Michael Richards guy? Look no further, listeners. Dylan and Justin (along with their boys Josh and Bill) have answers (or at least words that are disguised as answers).

Cover image created by Emily.

Little Wayne Dances on Flag

Kramer Gets Racist


Hashtag Hatespeech

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Episode 6: Ironically Clowning Around with Guilty Pleasures

Good day, and a hearty fuckawoop to you.


Episode 6 with special guest Bill Russum

Topics include:
–Dylan’s guilty pleasures
–Ironically liking the Insane Clown Posse
–Ironically liking Alex Jones

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Click here to see debunk the wrong way Obama pledge.

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