Episode 17: The Bald Eagle – Love It or Eat It

In the 17th episode of Serving Ice, your hosts talk briefly about travel stories until Justin asks the ultimate patriotic question. Listen in as they try to figure out how closely admiration is tied to consumption is tied to ‘postrofree’Merica. The usual moral ambiguities abound, but this time… they’re star spangled.

Photo Feb 13, 11 44 29 PM

Dylan soaring as a majestic eagle soars.

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35 thoughts on “Episode 17: The Bald Eagle – Love It or Eat It

  1. lindsay

    I don’t know anyone’s number either.
    Plot twist: Dylan is a vampire. That’s why he only breaks down at night.

  2. lauren

    Just an FYI…the bald eagles at Knoebels are both injured rescue birds…the male is missing part of a wing and has a leg injury, and the female is missing a whole wing.

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