Episode 26: “Goblitago” (una registrazione audio per proiettare a 24 bpm)


Episode 26 finds the Serving Ice hosts recovering from their frustrating standoff by talking about the rights, control, and responsibility a creator has, owes, and transfers to his creation, legacy, and audience. Flow chart to come. Enjoy.

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Justin mentions the podcast “Scriptnotes.” Click here to check that out.

We mention our pal Vox. Click here to see him tweet words. Click here to see him vine arts.

We also mention our pal Nick Rehack. Click here to see him tweet words. Click here to listen to his podcast, “Me & My Depression.”

We tweet words, too. Click here find those. And sometimes, we book faces. Click here to find that nonsense. And from time to time, we’ve been known to i Tunes. Click here find that.

We’re on a podcast network created by some of our friends. If you like us, you might like one of our pals’ podcasts at www.popularoutcasts.net.

27 thoughts on “Episode 26: “Goblitago” (una registrazione audio per proiettare a 24 bpm)

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