Episode 36: Art (and) Official Feelings [Serving Delusional Loners Ice: Part II]

title card ep 36

Episode 35 [featuring the Delusional Loners]

**Hey, friends. This episode is a part two of sorts- last week, the Delusional Loners had us on their podcast. Some of the things we talk about on that episode made their way over to this one. While this episode should stand alone, you might have a little more context if you listen to the Delusional Loners: Episode 85. Click here to check that out.

Topics include:
–Would you like Justin if he burnt your house down?

Huge thanks to the Delusional Loners for talking with us.
Click here to find their podcast, here to find their twitter, and here to find their facebook.

Do you remember that time Justin was a robot? Click here to listen to the episode that was referenced.
Do you remember that time we had a creepy alien tree bribing us? Click here to listen to that episode.

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55 thoughts on “Episode 36: Art (and) Official Feelings [Serving Delusional Loners Ice: Part II]

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