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Episode 4: Dugongs (Close Enough)

Rubber-band your stockings to your tin cans and fire up that Keratin meter, because when those are the best quotes we can pull from the episode- you know we have no idea what we’re talking about!

Episode 4 with special guests, Cody Kratzer and Bill Russum

Topics include:
–Justin’s belief in meremaids
–Evolution -vs- creationism
–Dinosaurs -vs- dragons
–Unicorns -vs- horses
–The creationist museum
–Dylan’s foolproof get rich scheme involving time-travel and unicorn evolution


Follow these fun links for some context:

Click here to learn more about the dreaded mantis shrimp.

Click here to learn more about Dugongs.

Click here to learn more about the dragons exhibit at the Creation Museum.


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