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Episode 25: The Ultimate Standoff

****  Hey, friends! Due to cocktail of unexpected events, unpreparedness, and bouts of depression, Serving Ice has fallen a bit behind schedule. We’re pulling ourselves together this week with the release of Episode 25 on Friday, Episode 26 early next week, Episode 27 later in the week, then when we hit Episode 28 on May 6th, we should be back to our regular schedule of weekly Tuesday releases. We really appreciate you sticking with us while we sort ourselves out.
Since we’ll be back with another episode in a few days, we thought this would be the perfect time to release this short (but incredibly fun) gem. We’re 25 episodes in now and we’re still shocked, delighted, and honored that anyone takes the time to listen to the three of us think out loud. Thank you, and, in the Immortal words of Dwayne Hicks, “Stay frosty.”  ****


What happens when Dylan does not want to talk about wrestling, but Justin desperately, desperately does? What is Bill’s favorite flavor of Bit-coin? One of these questions will be answered, the other is nonsense! Get stubborn with Episode 25 of Serving Ice!



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Episode 12: Our Best Days are Paychecks Behind Us

The SI guys discuss Dylan’s love of gambling, a low point in Justin’s life, and the reality that our finite time on this world is sometimes measured in dollars. It gets depressing, but the guys find inspiring words for each other. Note: We did our best to bleep any out offensive language. We apologize if any was missed.

Dylan and Justin resting with a Sorlax was drawn by Reddit user Monstoner

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Episode 9: Calendier Eternal

In this week’s episode, Bill joins the Serving Ice guys to discuss Dylan’s genius idea on how to revolutionize the modern day calender, Justin’s fear of raising an adopted child with Dylan, and what to do if they find each other dead from auto-erotic asphyxiation. Everybody’s got to have a plan, right?

Cover image created by Emily

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Episode 2: birds.spiders.death.

Episode 2

Topics include:

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