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Episode 27: Fike Club

Justin and Bill fight homophobia, who is Juan?, Justin gets a new job, Dylan pits Ted Nugent and Fred Durst against each other, answering machine high jinks, homework, Fike Club, and more.


Follow these links (especially the first few):

Below are a bunch of wikis from the people Dylan mentions at 23:01-23:32. Please don’t limit your knowledge of these people and their struggle to the information on Wikipedia, but the following links should serve as a good jumping off point.
Click here for Mumia Abu-Jamal’s wiki. Click here for Leonard Peltier’s wiki. Click here for Assata Shakur‘s wiki.

Click here to check out Amnesty International.

Click here to watch Bill and Dylan’s favorite (non-comedy) news source, The Young Turks, talk about Ted Nugent being a creeper-creep.

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