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Episode 21: Destroying Something Beautiful

Episode 21 finds the Serving Ice hosts, along with returning guests, Alex and James, sitting down to discuss a perverted, telepathic money tree, explore the ins and outs of the Fight Club sequel, and talk about artistic integrity, humility, and ego.



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Episode 11: We Laugh At Fedoras (And Break All The Rules)

Listen in as Justin and Dylan make a big announcement and see if you can follow along with all of the topics they jump to and from!

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Episode 9: Calendier Eternal

In this week’s episode, Bill joins the Serving Ice guys to discuss Dylan’s genius idea on how to revolutionize the modern day calender, Justin’s fear of raising an adopted child with Dylan, and what to do if they find each other dead from auto-erotic asphyxiation. Everybody’s got to have a plan, right?

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