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Episode 31: Forever Spinning

title card ep 31

Episode 31
Topics include:
–The introduction of a new SI segment, “Bring Bring, Motherfuckers”
–Rides for an American themed amusement park
–Conspiracy theories
–Legends of dead presidents
–What inanimate object do you feel sorry for?
–A black cat popped Dylan’s tire

Follow these links for some context:

Starting in 1968, activist / educator, Jane Elliott did a series of social experiments to explore the evils of racism. Click here to watch footage from her third experiment, where she turns children against each other based on their eye color.
Years later, she headed a similar experiment using adults. Click here to watch that. It’s really intense and yes, it’s fifty minutes long, but if you set aside that time to watch Jane Elliott at work, you’ll be a better human being by the end.

Do you want to get more information on the legend of George Washington? Click here for the Cracked article Justin talked about.

Did you miss Episode 13, where we talk about robots and briefly discuss the thoughts of inanimate objects? It’s one of our favorite SI episodes ever. Click here to listen to Episode 13: “O, Cursor! Where Do We Go When We Get Deleted?”

What kind soul would sit across from Dylan at a restaurant and listen to his babblings about lovesick ceiling fans? Meet Kevin Seibert. Click here to creep Kevin’s twitter and click here to listen to The Portable Power Podcast, of which Kevin is one-third of.

What ride would you put in an America themed amusement park? Have you ever gotten depressed because of an inanimate object? Follow these links to find us and let us know:

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