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Episode 27: Fike Club

Justin and Bill fight homophobia, who is Juan?, Justin gets a new job, Dylan pits Ted Nugent and Fred Durst against each other, answering machine high jinks, homework, Fike Club, and more.


Follow these links (especially the first few):

Below are a bunch of wikis from the people Dylan mentions at 23:01-23:32. Please don’t limit your knowledge of these people and their struggle to the information on Wikipedia, but the following links should serve as a good jumping off point.
Click here for Mumia Abu-Jamal’s wiki. Click here for Leonard Peltier’s wiki. Click here for Assata Shakur‘s wiki.

Click here to check out Amnesty International.

Click here to watch Bill and Dylan’s favorite (non-comedy) news source, The Young Turks, talk about Ted Nugent being a creeper-creep.

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Episode 12: Our Best Days are Paychecks Behind Us

The SI guys discuss Dylan’s love of gambling, a low point in Justin’s life, and the reality that our finite time on this world is sometimes measured in dollars. It gets depressing, but the guys find inspiring words for each other. Note: We did our best to bleep any out offensive language. We apologize if any was missed.

Dylan and Justin resting with a Sorlax was drawn by Reddit user Monstoner

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