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Episode 11: We Laugh At Fedoras (And Break All The Rules)

Listen in as Justin and Dylan make a big announcement and see if you can follow along with all of the topics they jump to and from!

Listen to Serving Ice on Popular Outcast on Episodes 108 and 109.


Episode 10: Searching for a Drop of Clarity in a Bucket of Relflection

Justin and Dylan take a moment to reflect on the past nine episodes, talk about the origin of the name ‘Serving Ice,’ then discuss Dylan’s plan to go undercover in a colony of despicable white supremacists. Everything comes unglued when Justin jumps on the Merry Go ‘Round of Progress to talk about our guest appearances on two great podcasts: the Popular Outcasts and Let’s Get Twiharded.

SERVING ICE FOR YOU!Cover image created by Emily

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We will be on Popular Outcast the next three weeks and Let’s Get Twiharded tomorrow.

Thanks to Ryan, Dougie Phresh, Cameron G, Girls on Girls, Me and My Depression, Tabitha, and Emily

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