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Episode 14: Serving Ice and the Jar of Memories

Photo Jan 05, 11 27 52 PM

In this episode, the Serving Ice guys are joined by super-special guest, Lindsay.  The four of them chat about eating memories right out of the jar, raising clones, sexism, the reduction of human life, and much more.

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Click here to listen to Justin on episode 35 of the fantastic podcast, Girls on Girls.


Episode 13: O, Cursor! Where Do We Go When We Get Deleted?

Justin, Bill, and Dylan explore life, death, bigotry, thought, desire, spirituality, and free will through the vessel of robotics.  Your hosts take turns sounding crazy, proving the first law of pododynamics (the total sanity of a podcast is constant; sanity can be transferred from one to another, but cannot be created or destroyed).

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