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Episode 13: O, Cursor! Where Do We Go When We Get Deleted?

Justin, Bill, and Dylan explore life, death, bigotry, thought, desire, spirituality, and free will through the vessel of robotics.  Your hosts take turns sounding crazy, proving the first law of pododynamics (the total sanity of a podcast is constant; sanity can be transferred from one to another, but cannot be created or destroyed).

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Episode 7: American Pridejudice

Has post-Disney depression got you down? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to one day just wake up with flippers? Curious about whatever happened to racist Paula Deen and that offensive Michael Richards guy? Look no further, listeners. Dylan and Justin (along with their boys Josh and Bill) have answers (or at least words that are disguised as answers).

Cover image created by Emily.

Little Wayne Dances on Flag

Kramer Gets Racist


Hashtag Hatespeech

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Episode 3: Of Pig Bullets and Bacon Culture

Episode 3 with special guest, Cody Kratzer

In this episode we:
–Discuss the stupidity behind pig bullets
–Rail against bacon culture
–Brainstorm a way to create guilt free leather boots (R.I.P. Mooey, the cow)


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