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Episode 32: Black Bars

Serving Ice, episode 32 title card

Episode 32

Topics include:
–[Name redacted] and [Name redacted]
–Media responsibilities


Follow these links for some context:

–Among many other things, Jello Biafra was the outspoken singer of the Dead Kennedys Click here to read bits from Jello’s biography from his label’s website. The events surrounding the raiding of his house are outlined under the 1986 entries.
Correction- Dylan was wrong about the record the H.R. Geiger poster was in. It wasn’t Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, it was Frankenchrist.

The alternate title of the Geiger piece is “Work 219: Landscape XX,” which is the mildly unsuspecting name that Dylan was thinking of. We wouldn’t be able to link you to it if Tipper Gore had her way, but fortunately the artists that endured lengthy legal battles against censorship won (kind of), so click here to read the Wikipedia page for “Penis Landscape” or Work 219: Landscape XX.”

–Click the following links to watch Jello Biafra on Oprah in 1986.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

–Click here to read about Tipper Gore’s crusade against “porn rock.”

–Click here to for the PMRC Wikipedia page.

–Click here to see H.R. Geiger’s concept art for the Alien franchise.
Then click here to check out Geiger’s website.

–Click here to watch Dee Snider’s PMRC senate hearing. As Bill said, it is great.

–Bill was right! In 2002, there was a guy who planted 18 bombs in 5 states to make a smiley face. It appears as though the bombs were real and he assumed people would be injured when they detonated. What a jerk. Click here to read a forum discussion about the story.

–Click here to see a YouTube mix of the comedian Bill mentioned, Paul Mooney

–Did you miss Episode 14 when Dylan talks about human life transforming into a currency? It’s a fun episode, but it gets heavy at times. Click here to revisit Episode 14: “Serving Ice and the Jar of Memories.”


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