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Episode 37: Some Are Friends

title card ep 37

Episode 37

Topics include:
OMG! Click Here To See Justin Getting Sued! You Won’t Believe What Happens Next! 
–We are the loving saboteurs
–Solidarity for Ferguson, MO
Carlton Mellick III‘s Apeshit
Friends vs Acquaintances in the Feelings Contest  (The Ladder Match)

***Bill called it! Like the good little hobbit that he is, Dylan already went on his trek to Colorado and was there and back again before this episode was released. But fear not! If you’re dying to let him sleep on your floor, make him coffee, or just hang out- find him and let him know. He frequently has adventures that take him to unexpected places and is always looking for someone to show him a good bookstore, coffee shop, or brewery wherever he lands.
Also, many thanks to the ever-rad Jeff Helgerson who was incredibly accommodating and made Dylan and Kelsey’s time in Denver awesome. (Thanks Jeff!)***

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Episode 17: The Bald Eagle – Love It or Eat It

In the 17th episode of Serving Ice, your hosts talk briefly about travel stories until Justin asks the ultimate patriotic question. Listen in as they try to figure out how closely admiration is tied to consumption is tied to ‘postrofree’Merica. The usual moral ambiguities abound, but this time… they’re star spangled.

Photo Feb 13, 11 44 29 PM

Dylan soaring as a majestic eagle soars.

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